Flange Finder

The metal flange finder is intended to help you identify the flange you require from some basic information you already have.

Use any one of the filters to help you narrow the search.

Flange typesort descending Inside Dia. Outside Dia. No Holes Bolt Size Thickness PCD
BS10D 40mm 133.3mm 4 5/8" 12.5mm 98.4mm
BS10D 50mm 152.4mm 4 5/8" 12.5mm 114.3mm
BS10D 12mm 95.3mm 4 1/2" 4.8mm 66.7mm
BS10D 65mm 165.1mm 4 5/8" 12.5mm 127.0mm
BS10D 20mm 102.0mm 4 1/2" 4.8mm 73.0mm
BS10D 80mm 184.1mm 4 5/8" 12.5mm 146.0mm
BS10D 100mm 215.9mm 4 5/8" 12.5mm 177.8mm
BS10D 125mm 254.0mm 8 5/8" 12.5mm 209.5mm
BS10D 150mm 279.4mm 8 5/8" 12.5mm 234.9mm
BS10D 200mm 336.5mm 8 5/8" 12.5mm 292.1mm
BS10D 250mm 406.4mm 8 3/4" 16.0mm 355.6mm
BS10D 300mm 457.2mm 12 3/4" 19.0mm 406.4mm
BS10D 25mm 114.3mm 4 1/2" 12.5mm 82.5mm
BS10D 32mm 120.6mm 4 1/2" 12.5mm 87.3mm
PN16 250mm 405.0mm 12 M24 29.0mm 355.0mm
PN16 300mm 460.0mm 12 M24 32.0mm 410.0mm
PN16 350mm 520.0mm 16 M24 35.0mm 470.0mm
PN16 400mm 580.0mm 16 M27 38.0mm 525.0mm
PN16 450mm 640.0mm 20 M27 42.0mm 585.0mm
PN16 10mm 90.0mm 4 M12 14.0mm 60.0mm
PN16 500mm 715.0mm 20 M30 46.0mm 650.0mm
PN16 15mm 95.0mm 4 M12 14.0mm 65.0mm
PN16 25mm 115.0mm 4 M12 16.0mm 85.0mm
PN16 600mm 840.0mm 20 M33 55.0mm 770.0mm
PN16 20mm 105.0mm 4 M12 16.0mm 75.0mm
PN16 32mm 140.0mm 4 M16 18.0mm 100.0mm
PN16 700mm 910.0mm 24 M33 63.0mm 840.0mm
PN16 40mm 150.0mm 4 M16 18.0mm 110.0mm
PN16 800mm 1,025.0mm 24 M36 74.0mm 950.0mm
PN16 50mm 165.0mm 4 M16 20.0mm 125.0mm