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Colour coding on rubber bellows

Tue, 31/01/2017 - 13:32 -- Joanna Robinson
Red Band Rubber Expansion Bellow

What does it mean? Is it consistent? Can I rely on it to select? And what about the quality?

You may have noticed that many rubber bellows are often marked with a colour stripe, multiple of stripes or spot around their widest point, commonly referred to as ‘a band’ or ‘bands’ or ‘spot’.

Some manufacturers use these marks to indicate the type of rubber used on the inside of the bellows and therefore the applications it can be used in.

The difficulty is there is no agreed standard or consistency with the marking schemes used; each manufacturer has their own

There can even be no marking at all.

The next problem is that with or without markings it is impossible to assess the quality of the materials used and the internal construction of the bellows without being able to trace the product back to the manufacturer.

For example, “EPDM” varies in the content of the constituents – which changes both the cost and capability of the compound. With rubber bellows it is always true that operating lifetime and resistance to ageing at high temperature will depend on the quality of the material used. Choosing the least cost option will normally result in replacement sooner rather than later with all the associated costs and downtime.

At FlexEJ we have three product lines: those from our own manufacturing company in Spain - Safetech - who specialise in fully engineered full face bellows; Elaflex, the premium worldwide brand and our ValueBellows range.

Each has its own unique features and allows us to select the best possible product for the application. Contact FlexEJ with details of your specification and we will help you make the right selection. Don’t take any gambles! You can reach us by email (sales@flexej.co.uk), phone +44 (0)1384 881188 or by using the LiveHelp function here on this website.

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