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Welding Titanium & Weld Overlay

Sat, 07/06/2014 - 11:04 -- Tim Robinson
Weld Overlay Inco 625 On CrMo


We weld Titanium in a wide variety of dimensions and thicknesses as required for our customer’s projects.

We have successfully completed projects ranging from repair work in Titanium exhaust to highly critical Titanium expansion joints.

We look at each project on a case by case basis and the individual customer requirements before either apply an existing welding procedure or developing a specific procedure for the project.

Weld Overlay

FlexEJ often employ weld overlay in the manufacture of expansion joints with CrMo (Chrome Molybdenum) alloy steel pipe.

A groove is machined into the pipe and a high Nickel alloy – typically 625 – is weld deposited into the groove. After heat treatment, machining and NDE a weld can be made to this “friendly” weld overlay without the need to further heat treat the CrMo pipe and the parts welded to it.

These techniques and procedures can be widely applied.

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