Stock DN12 to DN400 pipe expansion bellows on 24hr delivery. Custom configurations made to order.

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Pipe Expansion Joints

FlexEJ manufacture rubber and metal expansion joints (bellows) to meet your exact specification. Many applications are covered by our ranges of standard, stocked, rubber and metal bellows - whatever your needs FlexEJ is here to help.

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FlexEJ's Pipe Expansion Joints

From the simple to the fully specified:

Metal Expansion Joint Manufacture

Design & build
Metal Expansion Joint Manufacturing


Metal expansion joints from DN25 to DN3000+
Full multi case, concurrent / non concurrent movement design using our own EJMA10 bellows and hardware calculation tools.

Overall design to B31.3 or EN13445 with PED as appropriate supported by SolidWorks, FEA and thermal modelling for high temperature designs requiring internal insulation. We are happy to work to any client specifications and to submit full design and manufacturing documentation for approval.

Bellows materials include 304, 321 316(H), 625, 800(H), 825, expansion joint materials include carbon steels, CrMo, stainless steels. All with liners, covers, tie rods, hinges, gimbals, pressure balanced, insulation, refractory as required to deliver a complete pipe expansion joint to your exact requirements.

Rubber Expansion Joint Manufacture

Design & Build
Rubber Expansion Joint Manufacturing


Rubber expansion joints from DN25 to DN3600+
FlexEJ's sister company Safetech designs and manufactures rubber expansion joints. Rubbers available include WRAS approved EPDM, Nitrile and VITON.

Any flange drilling pattern can be accommodated along with tie rods, hinges, gimbals or pressure balanced designs. Backing flanges in carbon steel or stainless steel supplied in segments with integral tie rod lugs or a one piece.

Safetech also manufactures large diameter rubber hoses, rectangular rubber bellows, reducing rubber bellows and are happy to consider any product or design request.

Industrial Metal Bellows

DN25 to over DN1000
Metal Bellows


Configured and stock
FlexEJ's Industrial range combines stock bellows with a wide range of flanges, pipe ends and hardware to provide a highly specified expansion joint product in a short lead time.

Elaflex Rubber Expansion Joints

DN25 to DN1000
Elaflex Rubber Bellows


Renowned for their high quality and durability
Elaflex rubber expansion bellows are available in over 8,000 configuration options of rubber, flange drilling, restraints and PTFE lining. The core range is in stock at FlexEJ backed by a vast and comprehensive stock in Hamburg. Elaflex bellows offer high quality stock based solutions for a huge range of applications.

HVAC Metal Bellows

DN12 to DN150
HVAC Metal Bellows


For HVAC and building services applications
FlexEJ's HVAC range of metal expansion joints are available in diameters from 12mm to 150mm with flanged, copper or union ends to suit the piping being installed. Available from stock or on short lead times

HVAC Rubber Bellows

DN20 to DN250
HVAC Rubber Bellows


Available in a wide range of sizes, flange and restraint options
FlexEJ’s HVAC rubber bellows range is intended to offer great value for money for lower temperature and non critical HVAC services. Our standard flanged rubber bellow is EPDM rubber with galvanised mild steel PN16 flanges, tied or untied - a BSP Union-end bellows is also available.

PTFE Expansion Bellows

Available in standard and heavy duty
PTFE Expansion Bellows


Configurable expansion joints from DN25 to DN600
FlexEJ's PTFE bellows feature multilayer solid PTFE convolutions. PTFE is almost totally chemically inert and highly insoluble in most solvents or chemicals. This makes it an excellent choice in highly corrosive environments or where media contamination is an issue.

Pharmaceutical Expansion Joints

Design & build
Pharmaceutical Expansion Joints


For aseptic and hygienic applications
This is a product which FlexEJ has developed to address a need for a self-draining, high surface finish metal bellow rated typically at 270°C and 10 BarG

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is spring rate?
A. Spring rate is the reaction force of the bellows when it is moved. It is a different force to pressure thrust – both forces act together on the piping. For technical assistance contact us or use our Live Chat facility.
Q. What does bellows ply mean?
A. This is a metal bellows term : ply refers to the number of sheets of metal used in the forming of the bellows, so a 2 ply bellows is made from two sheets of material. A multi ply bellows is generally more flexible that an equivalent single ply bellows. For technical assistance please contact us
Q. What is the difference between a bellows and an expansion joint?
A. In this field, the terminology can be confusing, often with no universally accepted meaning. We tend to use the following definitions but the terms “bellows” and “expansion joint” are typically considered as interchangeable: > Expansion Joint – an expansion joint is a complete unit with metal bellows or rubber bellows and end fittings, plus, optionally, liner, cover and external hardware. Other terms used : compensator, flexible connector. > Rubber Bellows – the flexible element within a rubber expansion joint > Metal Bellows – the flexible element within a metal expansion joint > Liner – The liner fits within the expansion joint under the metal bellows or rubber bellows to prevent the flowing media directly impinging on the bellows. This this reduces flow disturbance and allows the temperature of the bellows to be controlled in the design. For technical assistance please contact us or use our Live Chat facility.
Q. What are tie rods or a tied metal or rubber bellows?
A. A tie rod is a simple pressure thrust restraint. It will allow reasonable lateral movement but not axial extension; it can allow axial compression if the pressure thrust is overcome by the piping movement. See the movements and pressure thrust FAQs for definitions. For technical assistance please contact us or use our Live Chat facility.
Q. What is pressure thrust or force?
A. All expansion joints exert a force, pushing the pipe ends apart – pressure thrust – which is proportional to the operating pressure and diameter of the bellows. If the expansion joint is unrestrained the piping system must withstand the force, or, alternatively, the expansion joint may have restraints built in to constrain the pressure thrust force. For instance types, tie rod, hinge or gimbal. For technical assistance please contact us or use our Live Chat facility.
Q. What information do I need to design or select a rubber bellows or metal expansion joint?
A. To design or select a rubber bellows or metal expansion joint we need to know: nominal bore, end type, service, temperature, pressure and required movements. You may also specify in addition your requirements for external hardware – tie rods, hinges, gimbals – internal liner, external cover and instrumentation. Material selections should also be specified to suit the service and associated system piping. For technical assistance please contact us or use our Live Chat facility.
Q. What is EJMA?
A. The EJMA is the Expansion Joints Manufacturers Association. Their bellows calculation method is most frequently used for metal bellows expansion joint design. EJMA does not cover rubber bellows or metal hose design. For technical assistance please contact us or use the LIVE CHAT link on this page.

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    Industry experience

    FLEXEJ Ltd was formed in 2002 by two professional engineers who brought together an already highly respected design capability with business and commercial skills gained in large multinational companies.
    • Our focus has always been on application and design – helping our customers find the best value solution.
    • We have a strong engineering and manufacturing team with experience in petrochemicals, refining, nuclear, desalination though to HVAC.
    • The team is also very familiar with meeting complex requirements for documentation, in process NDT and test on projects. We have supplied many large end-users such as EDF, Exxon, Shell, Reliance & QatarGas working with major contractors such as JGC, Foster Wheeler & Technip.
    FlexEJ Industry Experience