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Air & Dirt Separators

FlexEJ Air & Dirt Separators can be used in both heating and cooling systems. Designed and developed by us having listened to and understood the industry's requirements, FlexEJ's unit is the cost-effective and reliable solution.

An Air & Dirt Separator combines in one unit the removal of air bubbles and dirt particles. Their removal helps to avoid problems such as pump failure, energy loss and corrosion. Dirt and sludge is drained off manually, whilst the automatic air vent is constantly operating.

FlexEJ's unit has a carbon steel body with PN16 flanges - rated for 10 bar at 110 deg C operation. Range from DN40 to DN200 connections; please download the datasheet for full range information. Or call us to discuss your requirements or for advice.

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Product Range

Overview: This range is designed for use on all types of HVAC Heating and Cooling circuits, pressure rating 10 Barg @ 110 DegC.

Range overview: 
FEJ.AXD-40Flanged DN40 PN16Nominal flow rate 7.6 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-50Flanged DN50 PN16Nominal flow rate 12.2 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-65Flanged DN65 PN16Nominal flow rate 20.4 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-80Flanged DN80 PN16Nominal flow rate 28.2 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-100Flanged DN100 PN16Nominal flow rate 47.6 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-125Flanged DN125 PN16Nominal flow rate 72.3 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-150Flanged DN150 PN16Nominal flow rate 103.3 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s
FEJ.AXD-200Flanged DN200 PN16Nominal flow rate 174.3 m3/hr @ 1.5m/s


Typical Environments: 

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