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Design and Manufacture to Industry Specifications

A belief in great customer service, experienced, qualified design engineers and a skilled and professionally trained manufacturing team - all under one roof, in the UK. Fully engineered metal expansion joints are a core product for FlexEJ based on our knowledge of piping systems, industry standards and critical applications.

FlexEJ designs and builds high-quality metal expansion joints to exact specifications, on-time and to budget no matter how complex, keeping the customer informed throughout the process. From diameters as small as 25mm to joints well over 2500mm we have capability in a wide range of metals including various steels, Inconel and titanium.

Working mostly with Solid Works and CAD, FlexEJ's in-house team of design engineers are fully qualified, often with years of experience in this industry; our welders are fully qualified with a wide range of certificates eg TIG, MIG and are supported by a skilled and professional workforce on the shop floor.

We have supplied units for Styrene, PTA plants, high pressure steam, high vacuum and many other demanding applications.

FlexEJ's UK and Overseas customer-base is testament to our approach to problem solving and understanding customers' requirements. If you'd like to come and see how we work, give us a call to book an appointment.

FlexEJ designs and manufactures to the following standards :

B31.3 / Appendix X
...together with associated end user or project specifications.

Material traceability and NDT are managed through a specially developed data base which integrates with our business system. The database allows for instant reporting of material and inspection status together with indexing / retrieval of certification for the manufacturing data book.