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End Fittings

There is a great variety of possible end fittings and connections, typically the two end fittings are dissimilar; we can accommodate any requirement as long as the material and fitting are weldable. The most common fitting styles are

  • Weld end
  • Flanged - fixed
  • Flanged - loose, stub + swivel
  • Lever Lock Coupling - male
  • Lever Lock Coupling - female
  • Threaded - male
  • Threaded - female, fixed
  • Threaded - female, swivel nut flat seat
  • Threaded - female, swivel nut cone seat


The end fitting material does not need to be the same as the hose - carbon steel fittings with stainless steel hose is a common choice. You may specify any weldable material for the end fitting or a screwed fitting welded to the hose and any threaded fitting coupled to it.