Rubber expansion joints for use in water treatment in the UAE

Water in the Desert

By Joanna Robinson

FlexEJ partners with its sister-company Safetech to design and fabricate specialist large diameter rubber expansion joints. Typically, particularly in the Gulf states, these are used in water treatment, distribution and desalination plants – and it’s these processes that took contingents from our sales and management teams to the UAE recently to see our product installed and operating.

Desalination and water distribution in the UAE and surrounding countries are vital, integral components helping to supporting these oil-rich economies, thriving as they do in a desert region.

The teams flew into Dubai to meet with our local representatives Parvez Mohiuddin and Mansoor Pullat and find out a little more about how the potable water supply operates in this thirsty city. Plants all over this region are in a continual process of refurbishment; the team were able to see how rubber expansion joints of various sizes had been replaced with high quality Safetech joints during a recent plant upgrade.

We have an ongoing and growing commitment to the Gulf region and various projects underway there. Building relationships and developing understanding in the field are very much how we like to do business in both Safetech and FlexEJ so this was an ideal opportunity to share information and make plans.

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