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FlexEJ launches free 'BIM' s

Sun, 06/03/2016 - 19:09 -- Joanna Robinson

Entirely free to download and use, we've started with our HVAC product range - including Air & Dirt Separators, Dosing Pots and a selection of our rubber and metal expansion bellows including BIM objects for some of the Elaflex brand.

FlexEJ BIMS are all fully BIM Level 2 compliant and available to use by anyone with Revit software installed. We've made them easy and quick to download - they can be accessed from our BIM homepage on our HVAC menu.

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling - and it's becoming a required way of working within the UK construction industry - particularly for Government projects. Simply put, it's the means by which at all stages of construction, all parts of a building can be communicated and understood through the use of a 3D digital model.
By allowing all disciplines access to as much information as possible the aim is to optimise design, lower the risk of mistakes and discrepancies and thereby reduce costs.

The BIM concept has been rolled out in stages - Level 2 is the latest and allows for this full collaboration through the use of approved 3D software. From April 2016 all public-sector and government projects will have to use this method.

In time FlexEJ plans on adding to our BIM collection with more and more of our products; meantime we'd be pleased to have any feedback from users or potential users. Let us know your thoughts via sales@flexej.co.uk

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