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Fri, 26/01/2018 - 15:57 -- Joanna Robinson
Metal Expansion Joints - Tied Lateral Type

.....is good news.

Here at FlexEJ we’re just getting on with it – and there’s lots to do.

The steady growth of last year seems to be continuing this year. Partnering with our sister company Safetech in Spain we are receiving more enquiries than ever for the complete range of rubber expansion bellows and expansion joints. When it’s a more unusual unit, often with very large diameters, we work with Safetech; they are the experts in design and manufacture of bespoke units, manufacturing in house and shipping from their plant in Northern Spain.

Back in the UK plant, our pipe-kit business has seen continued growth over the last year and we’re looking closely at our processes and factory space to ensure we have the increased capacity required. It’s critical that we continue to deliver to stringent quality standards, maintain product flexibility and keep to those tight time deadlines.

Last but definitely not least we’re currently partnering again with Safetech; this time in metal (not rubber) expansion joints. Going through our West Midlands factory at the moment are 8 high quality tied lateral metal expansion joints for shipment to a customer in Spain. This joins a number of other similar projects that our in-house teams have designed, engineered and fabricated together.
Rubber and metal expansion joints, pipe-kits and specialised pressure design and fabrication: we always welcome enquiries.
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