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FlexEJ and National Women in Engineering Day

Wed, 24/06/2015 - 11:57 -- Joanna Robinson
FlexEJ at National Women in Engineering event

As part of National Women in Engineering Day, Lois, Danielle and others from FlexEJ were invited to participate in Amec Foster Wheeler's celebratory evening event in Reading. Inspirational speakers and stimulating round-table discussions created a positive and inspiring atmosphere as well as a useful opportunity to make connections and share experiences. Speakers included Dr Helen Meese, Head of Engineering in Society at the IMechE and Catriona Schmolke, Vice President of Jacobs.

Conclusions emerged that strong role models were important to encourage women further in their engineering careers and that women shouldn't be afraid to put themselves forward for challenges; don't wait to be asked. And that a greater awareness of engineering and the work of engineers would get girls and young women interested from an early age. Positive discrimination not required or necessary but active encouragement very welcome.

FlexEJ is keen to support the initiative and has offered help to set up a legacy committee, promoting future events and a legacy network.