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Joe Hanley at FlexEJ

Wed, 07/10/2015 - 10:12 -- Joanna Robinson
Joe Hanley, part of FlexEJ's BIM team

Joe's our new Intern who's joined us from Warwick University where he's studying General Engineering. Currently working on FlexEJ's BIM project, Joe's helping FlexEJ seize the initiative and keep moving forward; as from 2016 the UK Government will require use of this information-rich Building Information Modelling on all its projects. "Putting FlexEJ's stock components on line for BIM modelling is very interesting; it's a good bit of software to use and a useful skill to learn" reports Joe. And it's also helping Joe to get to know our standard products inside out - literally. BIM is an important investment for FlexEJ and as part of our BIM team, Joe's work is a vital component in providing what is useful - and increasingly necessary - for many of our customers. Joe's work will soon be available for free download from this website - we'll keep you posted.