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Introducing two new members of staff to FlexEJ – David O’ Grady and Arwah Taha.

Wed, 19/10/2016 - 12:26 -- Joanna Robinson

David is our new Operations Manager with responsibility for scheduling and managing production on the factory floor. This is a new role within the company brought about by growth together with our determination to maintain our high quality standards and to improve process performance.

Our in-house engineering expertise is the corner-stone of FlexEJ and we’re delighted to welcome Arwah Taha to the team. A recent MEng graduate in Mechanical and Material Engineering at Birmingham University she’s working on expansion joint projects with Nick Lees our Engineer Manager as part of the seven strong team.

FlexEJ specialises in units with demanding technical and quality requirements – pressure vessels, metal and rubber expansion joints.
Contact sales@flexej.co.uk for more information.