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Low Loss Headers

Thu, 31/08/2017 - 14:42 -- Joanna Robinson
FlexEJ Low Loss Header

At FlexEJ, we engineer and fabricate specialist customised Low Loss Headers for use in HVAC heating systems. So if you require:

- extra connections
- multiple system connections
- higher capacity
- a combined Air & Dirt Separator

..send us an enquiry. Click here.

About Low Loss Headers

Low loss headers have been accepted as design best practice for many years now for modern hi-spec heating boiler systems. They are particularly appropriate where there are multiple heating circuits within an installation. They allow boilers to be controlled within their own flow circuit, enabling them to work at an optimum flow rate, despite fluctuations within the system as a whole.

By maintaining this optimum flow rate at all times, performance and efficiency are improved and this should lead ultimately to a longer boiler life.

To help maintain a clean system, FlexEJ can go one step further by integrating one of our Air & Dirt Sections into the low loss header.

Based in the UK's West Midlands, we have a factory facility of over 2,800m2 and our own in-house engineering and design team.
If you’d like more information, feel free to get in touch with our sales team.
Call +44 (0)1384 881188 Email: sales@flexej.co.uk