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Flange typesort descending Inside Dia. Outside Dia. No Holes Bolt Size Thickness PCD
ASA300 65mm 190.5mm 8 3/4" 25.4mm 149.2mm
ASA300 80mm 209.6mm 8 3/4" 28.6mm 168.3mm
ASA300 100mm 254.0mm 8 3/4" 31.8mm 200.0mm
ASA300 125mm 279.4mm 8 3/4" 343.9mm 235.0mm
ASA300 150mm 317.5mm 12 3/4" 36.5mm 269.9mm
ASA300 200mm 381.0mm 12 7/8" 41.3mm 330.2mm
ASA300 12mm 95.3mm 4 1/2" 14.2mm 66.5mm
ASA300 250mm 444.5mm 16 1" 47.6mm 387.3mm
ASA300 20mm 117.3mm 4 5/8" 15.7mm 82.6mm
ASA300 300mm 520.7mm 16 1.1/8" 50.8mm 450.8mm
ASA300 350mm 584.2mm 20 1.1/8" 54.0mm 514.3mm
ASA300 400mm 647.7mm 20 1.1/4" 57.2mm 571.5mm
ASA300 450mm 711.2mm 24 1.1/4" 60.3mm 628.7mm
ASA300 500mm 774.7mm 24 1.1/4" 63.5mm 685.8mm
ASA300 25mm 123.8mm 4 5/8" 17.5mm 88.9mm
ASA300 600mm 914.4mm 24 1.1/2" 69.8mm 812.8mm
ASA300 32mm 133.4mm 4 5/8" 19.0mm 98.4mm
ASA300 40mm 155.6mm 4 3/4" 20.6mm 114.3mm
ASA300 50mm 165.1mm 8 5/8" 22.2mm 127.0mm
PN06 40mm 130.0mm 4 M12 16.0mm 100.0mm
PN06 800mm 975.0mm 24 M27 44.0mm 920.0mm
PN06 50mm 140.0mm 4 M12 16.0mm 110.0mm
PN06 900mm 1,075.0mm 24 M27 48.0mm 1,020.0mm
PN06 65mm 160.0mm 4 M12 16.0mm 130.0mm
PN06 1000mm 1,175.0mm 28 M27 52.0mm 1,120.0mm
PN06 80mm 190.0mm 4 M16 18.0mm 150.0mm
PN06 1200mm 1,405.0mm 32 M30 60.0mm 1,340.0mm
PN06 100mm 210.0mm 4 M16 18.0mm 170.0mm
PN06 1400mm 1,630.0mm 36 M33 72.0mm 1,560.0mm
PN06 10mm 75.0mm 4 M10 12.0mm 50.0mm