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Flange type Inside Dia. Outside Dia. No Holes Bolt Size Thicknesssort descending PCD
PN40 250mm 450.0mm 12 M30 42.0mm 385.0mm
ASA150 350mm 533.4mm 12 1" 43.0mm 476.2mm
PN06 800mm 975.0mm 24 M27 44.0mm 920.0mm
AWWA C207 D 1100mm 1,403.4mm 40 1.1/2" 44.5mm 1,314.5mm
AWWA C207 D 1050mm 1,346.2mm 36 1.1/2" 44.5mm 1,257.3mm
B16.47 B 750mm 887.5mm 44 3/4" 44.5mm 846.1mm
AWWA C207 D 1150mm 1,454.2mm 40 1.1/2" 44.5mm 1,365.3mm
B16.47 B 700mm 836.7mm 40 3/4" 44.5mm 795.3mm
PN16 500mm 715.0mm 20 M30 46.0mm 650.0mm
B16.47 B 800mm 941.3mm 48 3/4" 46.0mm 900.2mm
ASA300 250mm 444.5mm 16 1" 47.6mm 387.3mm
AWWA C207 D 1200mm 1,511.3mm 44 1.1/2" 47.6mm 1,422.4mm
ASA150 400mm 596.9mm 16 1" 48.0mm 539.7mm
PN25 400mm 620.0mm 16 M33 48.0mm 550.0mm
PN06 900mm 1,075.0mm 24 M27 48.0mm 1,020.0mm
B16.47 B 850mm 1,004.8mm 40 7/8" 49.3mm 957.3mm
PN10 700mm 895.0mm 24 M27 50.0mm 840.0mm
ASA300 300mm 520.7mm 16 1.1/8" 50.8mm 450.8mm
AWWA C207 D 1300mm 1,625.6mm 44 1.3/4" 50.8mm 1,536.7mm
AWWA C207 D 1250mm 1,568.5mm 44 1.3/4" 50.8mm 1,479.6mm
PN06 1000mm 1,175.0mm 28 M27 52.0mm 1,120.0mm
PN40 300mm 515.0mm 16 M30 52.0mm 450.0mm
B16.47 B 900mm 1,057.1mm 44 7/8" 52.3mm 1,009.7mm
B16.47 B 950mm 1,124.0mm 40 1" 53.8mm 1,069.8mm
PN25 450mm 670.0mm 20 M33 54.0mm 600.0mm
ASA300 350mm 584.2mm 20 1.1/8" 54.0mm 514.3mm
AWWA C207 D 1350mm 1,682.8mm 44 1.3/4" 54.0mm 1,593.9mm
PN16 600mm 840.0mm 20 M33 55.0mm 770.0mm
B16.47 B 1000mm 1,174.8mm 44 1" 55.6mm 1,120.6mm
PN10 800mm 1,015.0mm 24 M30 56.0mm 950.0mm