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Food & Brewing

FlexEJ designs and manufacture to spec stainless steel pressure vessels and pressure fabrications suitable for the food and brewing industry. FlexEJ also has wide experience with pharmaceutical end-users; we are skilled in pharmaceutical fabrications, polishing and weld removal.

FlexEJ's metal hose assemblies are available with any end fitting type in a range of Stainless Steels, high Nickel alloy and Monel. We also supply PTFE core hose.

The Elaflex range of expansion bellows includes the ERV-W Whiteband unit which has German approvals for foods stuffs. Elaflex ERV RedBand and Elaflex ROTEX DoubleRed are WRAS approved making them suitable for drinking water. All Elaflex bellows are available with full PTFE liners and stainless steel flanges to any desired drilling pattern.

Elaflex ERV RedBand and Elaflex ROTEX DoubleRed are WRAS approved, as is FlexEJ's own Metal expansion joint.

All FlexEJ's non-standard manufactured metal expansion joints are designed and built in-house. We've years of experience in meeting the customers' exact requirements including steam and other services. We are happy to match any existing parts in your systems.

We'd be pleased to discuss your requirements - please call us on +44 (0) 1384 881188, use LIVE HELP or fill in a Quote Form.