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Nuclear & Energy

Our understanding of expansion joint design, metal hose and pressure vessels together with a willingness to work with our customers over long periods to solve complex engineering problems has led to some highly innovative and unique design solutions.

For the UK Nuclear Energy sector we have supplied steam hose replacements operating near the creep range in CrMo/alloy 825 which can safely absorb very large piping deflections plus seismic movements. These units have been thoroughly tested for movements and spring rates in addition to stringent in process NDE and hydro test requirements. Series manufacture of the qualified designs has been completed.

We have also supplied large diameter rubber expansion joints to the Nuclear energy sector, designed and built to achieve rapid replacement of existing units during planned outages.

FlexEJ provided the unique penetration seal systems for the Adriatic Offshore LNG Project, FlexEJ designed and built a unique combination of Fluoroplastic coated / impregnated glass fibre main seal with inflatable silicon back-up seals with for the tank piping penetrations on this project.

We are always willing to work with research organisations to design and build pressure or vacuum equipment to meet very specific needs. Examples include high vacuum, high cleanliness engineered metal expansion joints for a large laser system and pressure vessels for university and commercial research labs.