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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Do you take credit cards?
    A. Yes, please call us with your details. For sales assistance please contact us or use our Live Chat facility. See also our web shop – secure purchasing with 24hr delivery.
    Q. Can I pick what I want from a picture?
    A. Yes, scroll down on any of our product pages and you’ll see our comprehensive gallery. Browse this to see examples of what we offer and/or have designed and built for previous customers. For sales assistance please contact us or use our Live Chat facility.
    Q. What is the delivery time for metal and rubber expansion joints?
    A. For in-stock items, standard items ordered via our web shop we offer 24hr delivery (if order placed by 13.00hrs). Please see our web shop for more details. Other items : typically 7-14 working days. Engineered or special items will be individually quoted. For sales assistance contact us or use our Live Chat facility.
    Q. What are your bank details?
    A. Bank details for payments in GBP, Euro and USD can be found here. For sales assistance please contact us or use the Live Chat link on this page.
    Q. Can I open a credit account?
    A. Yes, subject to the normal checks, please download our application form. For sales assistance please contact us or use the Live Chat link on this page.
    Q. Are you ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited?
    A. Yes, FlexEJ is accredited to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015. For sales assistance please contact us or use the Live Chat link on this page.
    Q. Do you design your own metal expansion joints or rubber bellows?
    A. Yes, FlexEJ has full design capability for engineered metal expansion joints and can work to any recognised standard – typically EJMA, B31.3/Appendix X, EN14917 plus PED and/or other customer specifications. Engineered rubber expansion joints are typically designed to meet the FSA guidelines plus PED and/or other customer specifications For technical assistance please contact us or use the Live Help link on this page.

    Please visit our full FAQ page to see all our frequently asked questions.

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    For instant advice use the Live Chat link to message one of the sales team. Or call them direct on +44 (0) 1384 881188


    Please see the following pages for more information about FlexEJ:

    Industry experience

    FLEXEJ Ltd was formed in 2002 by two professional engineers who brought together an already highly respected design capability with business and commercial skills gained in large multinational companies.
    • Our focus has always been on application and design – helping our customers find the best value solution.
    • We have a strong engineering and manufacturing team with experience in petrochemicals, refining, nuclear, desalination though to HVAC.
    • The team is also very familiar with meeting complex requirements for documentation, in process NDT and test on projects. We have supplied many large end-users such as EDF, Exxon, Shell, Reliance & QatarGas working with major contractors such as JGC, Foster Wheeler & Technip.
    FlexEJ Industry Experience