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Design & Manufacturing
Full in-house design & manufacture to EN / ASME / PED.

ISO14001 Accreditation
FlexEJ has an accredited Environmental Management System.

Metal Expansion Bellows

FlexEJ offers a range of standard metal expansion joints as well as a full UK in-house manufacturing capability – typically to EJMA/B31.3/PED. Diameters from 25mm to 2500mm, design to specification.

How to specify a metal expansion joint

Metal bellow engineeringWe design and manufacture metal expansion joints so you are not restricted to our range of standard products, some of which are available in our web shop. For simpler applications a standard product may be entirely suitable but if not we will design to meet your exact requirements.

FlexEJ’s Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

FlexEJ has the following ranges available which cover all applications from simple HVAC up to refinery, power and nuclear:

HVAC metal bellows

DN12 to DN150

HVAC Metal Bellows


Copper, Union, Flanged

FlexEJ’s HVAC range caters for a very wide range of pipe diameters, materials and applications – our copper ended joints are WRAS approved for drinking water. All available online with next day delivery from our web shop

Industrial metal bellows

DN100 to DN400

Industrial metal bellows


Fully Configurable

FlexEJ’s industrial metal bellows range is based around high performance bellows designed to EJMA and is fully configurable. You can then specify any flange type and material or weld end pipe type and material plus any end-to-end length within the design range. Rated up to 12 Barg @ 300 °C and backed by our engineering team.

Pharmaceutical bellows

DN100 to DN500

Pharmaceutical bellows


Aseptic Self Draining

FlexEJ’s pharmaceutical metal bellows design allows metal bellows to be deployed in lines that must be fully cleaned and aseptic. Self draining and manufactured from high surface finish stainless steel.

Metal bellows manufacturing

DN25 to DN2500+

Metal bellows design and manufacturing


Full design to EJMA/B31.3 or EN14917

FlexEJ design and manufacture fully engineered expansion joints. We work to all international codes and in materials to suit all applications including CrMO, Duplex 625, 800 and 825. Tied, hinged, gimbal, pressure balanced, refractory lined, liners, covers, single and multi ply and two ply testable bellows – we have the experience.

Metal Expansion Bellows Finders and Calculators

We have a couple of easy to use tools and calculators to help you locate the best metal expansion bellows from our next-day delivery stock items. Our Thermal Expansion Calculator for Piping helps you estimate the increase in length of a pipe run with temperature.

Our Advanced Bellows Finder is a quick way to navigate our stock range of bellows, both metal and rubber. With just a few choices you can arrive at the appropriate selection – criteria include pipe size, type, media compatibility, installation length, pressure rating, pipe connection type, conformance and movement axial, lateral and angular. All the products are in the online store with 24hr shipping as standard. If you’re not sure what flange you need our handy Flange Finder should also be useful.

Stock Metal Bellows Finder

Do search for metal bellows by pipe size, intended media and/or connection hardware to see FlexEJ’s stock bellows options below but don’t hesitate to call us on 01384 881188 or email us for more bespoke or OEM options or if you need any advice at all.

DN12 (½″) FlexEJ 15 mm Copper Pipe Expansion Joint - Length 220 mm
DN12 (½″) FlexEJ 15 mm Copper Pipe Expansion Joint – Length 220 mm
DN12 (½″) FlexEJ Union Pipe Expansion Joint - Length 181 mm
DN12 (½″) FlexEJ Union Pipe Expansion Joint – Length 181 mm
DN20 (¾″) FlexEJ 22 mm Copper Pipe Expansion Joint - Length 230 mm
DN20 (¾″) FlexEJ 22 mm Copper Pipe Expansion Joint – Length 230 mm

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For instant advice. We can custom-design and engineer almost any expansion joint you need for delivery in the UK or worldwide. Call our expert team on +44 (0) 1384 881188 Or email us sales@flexej.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes. We hold stock of the most popular metal bellows for HVAC. Many of these items are available on 24hr delivery from our online web shop. We can also manufacture to order. For sales assistance please contact us or use our Live Chat facility. In addition, FlexEJ holds a large stock of the most popular sizes and types of Elaflex rubber bellows as well as our HVAC value bellows range.

A. Our Flange Finder contains details for many common flanges. Typically, to be able to make the identification you need to know the bore size or outside diameter and number of bolts. For technical assistance contact us or use our Live Chat facility.

A. Yes, FlexEJ has full design capability for engineered metal expansion joints and can work to any recognised standard – typically EJMA, B31.3/Appendix X, EN14917 plus PED and/or other customer specifications. Engineered rubber expansion joints are typically designed to meet the FSA guidelines plus PED and/or other customer specifications For technical assistance please contact us or use the Live Help link on this page.

A. Yes, if you have the details we can normally offer an equivalent, our FAQ here gives the information we will need for a full selection. For technical assistance please contact us or use the Live Chat link on this page.

A. To identify an existing expansion joint we need to know: nominal bore, overall length and flange type plus service, temperature, pressure and required movement if known. Try our Flange Finder to help identify the flange and you can send us a picture of the existing part using the Contact us form. For technical assistance please contact us or use the LIVE CHAT link on this page.

A. Yes, our MRCA copper ended metal expansion joints also have WRAS approval. We laso have DWI approval for stainless steel expansion joints. For technical assistance please contact us or use the Live Chat link on this page.

Please visit our full FAQ page to see all our frequently asked questions.