Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations

Following Brexit the Pressure Equipment Directive – PED (with CE marking) became the The Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations – PE(S)R (with UKCA marking).

Currently the requirements of PE(S)R are essentially the same as the PED.

It is FlexEJ’s responsibility to apply the PE(S)R to any pressure equipment we supply. Applications fall into three broad areas:

  • Exempt: Outside the scope of the PE(S)R – some specific applications, like for like repairs and any application with <= 0.5 barg internal pressure. Not UKCA marked.
  • Sound Engineering Practice: Applications falling within the scope of the PE(S)R but not categorised. Not UKCA marked.
  • Category I-IV: Specific requirements per category. UKCA marked.

The PE(S)R assessment of each application and item of pressure equipment is based on the application working fluid, design pressure and the equipment volume or diameter as appropriate. Application design temperature is also an important factor in determining the vapour pressure of liquids.

The application media are grouped as follows:

  • Fluid Group 1 “dangerous substances”
    Explosive; extremely flammable; highly flammable; flammable (where the maximum allowable temperature is above flashpoint); very toxic; toxic; oxidising.
  • Fluid Group 2 All other fluids including steam.
  • State – Gas or Liquid – if a fluid has a vapour pressure at the maximum allowable temperature of the equipment of greater than 0.5 barg it is treated as a gas. (Note that water >110C has a vapour pressure >0.5 barg).

Items offered on the Web (this website):

The range of suitable applications for each product and corresponding PE(S)R assessment is stated for each product. If you have any doubt or question that your intended application falls outside the SEP application range please contact us and we will be pleased to advise.

Any application with Group 1 or Gaseous media, including compressed air, must be referred to us for assessment before purchase from the web site.


When you contact sales we will ask you for the minimum details required to allow the PE(S)R assessment to be made. We will then quote accordingly.

FlexEJ has dual certification – we can design and manufacture pressure equipment to both PE(S)R with UKCA mark and/or PED with CE mark.

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