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Pipe Thermal Expansion Calculator

The FlexEJ thermal expansion calculator will allow you to estimate the change in length of a straight pipe run given a change in temperature. If you have any questions or require guidance on using this calculator please contact us.

The FlexEJ Thermal Calculator Alert!

Please rotate your screen. Our Thermal Calculator requires just a little more horizontal space than we can squeeze into your current rotation.

calculator notes

This calculator allows you to estimate the linear change in length of a straight run of pipe made from a number of common materials.

The location and direction of the change in length in the pipe run depends on both where pipe anchors are located and the change in temperature from the neutral position.

When considering expansion joints you may decide to split the total movement equally and have equal axial expansion and contraction. As is often the case, if the installation temperature is not at the mid point of the design temperature range the expansion joints will not be at their neutral length when installed. Alternatively, the temperature range may be split around ambient and different hot and cold movements considered.

Please also visit our Expansion Joints product pages to explore FlexEJ’s full range of rubber and metal expansion joint options and use our Bellows Finder page to find compatible expansion joints, by type, pipe size, length, media compatibility and axial (linear) expansion as well as by lateral and angular movement.

Our stock rubber bellows and metal bellows are available at factory-direct prices and ship same-day from our Web Shop.