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Design & Manufacturing
Full in-house design & manufacture to EN / ASME / PED.

ISO14001 Accreditation
FlexEJ has an accredited Environmental Management System.

Utility, Industrial, Refinery and Petrochemical Experience

FlexEJ’s products and services find applications in a wide variety of industries where quality and long term reliable operation are demanded. We are very familiar with meeting complex requirements for documentation, in process NDT and test on projects. We have supplied many large end users such as EDF, Exxon, Shell, Reliance & QatarGas working with major contractors such as JGC, Foster Wheeler & Technip.

Our engineering and applications expertise allows us to meet your needs through selection or design of the most appropriate product.

Desalination and Water Distribution

We have extensive experience in the desalination and water distribution industries from very large sea water intake joints though to small HVAC joints at point of use.

FlexEJ’s sister company Safetech designs and manufactures rubber expansion joints in any diameter to over 3600mm. These are also available in a similarly wide range of rubber compounds to suit the application. Single-, Double-, Triple- or Quad-Arched, we can design in-house to your exact specifications.

Potable water applications are extensively catered for with both rubber and metal expansion joints. Our Elaflex high quality configurable rubber expansion joints have two ranges with WRAS type approval; Safetech manufactures with WRAS approved EPDM and WRAS approved high temperature EPDM. Our copper end metal expansion joints also have WRAS approval and we have DWI accreditation for our large metal expansion joints.

Whatever your needs in desalination and potable water distribution FlexEJ has the experience and breadth of product to help.

The Bellows Finder and Flange Finder resources will help you narrow the search for a suitable product.

Power and Desulphurisation

Power and desulphurisation applications can be very demanding with hot, aggressive and sometimes abrasive media.

FlexEJ has developed temperature modelling for expansion joint design which enables us to predict the material temperature at key points from the media stream out to the external hardware. This allows cost effective designs to be created based on material operating temperatures.

Safetech manufactures large rubber expansion joints using VITON which is suited to desulphurisation applications.

FlexEJ has designed and delivered very complex pressure balanced / gimbal / hinged see FAQ metal expansion joints working around 21 Barg / 540°C using high alloy bellows and CrMo piping. Our design and manufacture capability is a key asset in this market.

We also offer much simpler, configurable metal bellows for industrial steam applications – see our Industrial Metal range.

Industrial, Refinery and Petrochemical

FlexEJ has its history rooted in industrial piping systems; the design and manufacture of metal expansion joints is what we do. We design to EJMA, B31.3 / Appendix X, EN14917 and the PED together with associated end user or project specifications.

We also have an extensive range of configurable industrial metal expansion joints all with EJMA calculated bellows available in length to order and materials / flanges of your choice.

Safetech manufactures large rubber expansion joints for cooling water systems – typically EPDM for sea water intake / cooling and Nitrile for closed circuit systems where hydrocarbon contamination may be present.

The Elaflex high quality rubber bellows range is also very well suited to process applications with a choice of Nitrile, Chloroprene and FKM rubbers.

FlexEJ’s metal hose assemblies are available to order in materials well suited to process applications including 321, 316, 625 and Monel.

Marine & Offshore

The Elaflex range of rubber bellows have type approvals from Lloyds Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Det Norsk Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping and TUV. Within the range there are types specifically designed for applications in critical offshore and marine applications such as engine room oils / fuels, high temperature engine cooling water and drilling muds.

The YellowSteel and YellowSteel HNBR bellows are ISO 15540 fire rated 800°C for 30min and the full range range is available with SAE flanges and covers for additional fire protection.

We also design and manufacture metal expansion joints which are used in offshore and marine applications including hydrocarbon lines, flare lines, diesel engine exhaust and gas turbine exhaust. We have also supplied expansion joints for offshore structures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes. FlexEJ holds a large stock of the most popular sizes and types of Elaflex rubber bellows as well as our HVAC value bellows range. We also hold stock of the most popular metal bellows for HVAC. Many of these items are available on 24hr delivery from our online web shop. We can also manufacture to order. For sales assistance please contact us or use our Live Chat facility.

A. Our Flange Finder contains details for many common flanges. Typically, to be able to make the identification you need to know the bore size or outside diameter and number of bolts. For technical assistance contact us or use our Live Chat facility.

A. Please refer to our guidelines for installation, anchoring & guides. They are available in the Downloads section of this website: Elaflex Rubber Bellows Installation Instructions and FlexEJ Metal Bellows Installation Instructions. For technical assistance please contact us or use our Live Chat facility.

A. FlexEJ Value HVAC and Elaflex rubber bellows are stocked in a number of standard lengths from 105mm to 300mm, a summary of lengths, diameters and types can be found on each product page. We also offer fully engineered rubber bellows which are available in custom lengths to suit the application. You can use our bellows finder to find the most suitable product. For technical assistance please contact us or use our Live Chat facility.

A. Yes, if you have the details we can normally offer an equivalent, our FAQ here gives the information we will need for a full selection. For technical assistance please contact us or use the Live Chat link on this page.

A. To identify an existing expansion joint we need to know: nominal bore, overall length and flange type plus service, temperature, pressure and required movement if known. Try our Flange Finder to help identify the flange and you can send us a picture of the existing part using the Contact us form. For technical assistance please contact us or use the LIVE CHAT link on this page.

A. Yes, our Elaflex ERV-R and ERP rubber bellows have WRAS, DVGW and ACS approval for drinking water, see our Elaflex pages for more information. The Safetech manufactured to order rubber bellows can be supplied with WRAS approved EPDM linings. Our MRCA copper ended metal expansion joints also have WRAS approval. For technical assistance please contact us or use the LIVE CHAT link on this page.

Please visit our full FAQ page to see all our frequently asked questions.