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FlexEJ's range of full face engineered manufactured rubber expansion bellows are often selected for large scale water applications in plant cooling services. Available diameters to 3000mm and up to four arches – any flange drilling pattern can be supplied.

For smaller diameters the Elaflex range of premium rubber bellows contains a wide choice products designed for water applications including oily, waste, potable, high temperature and chemical solutions.

Fully engineered manufactured metal expansion joints are a core product for FlexEJ; we have a full in-house design and fabrication facility to EJMA, B31.3 / Appendix X, EN14917 and PED which we can combine with associated end-user or project specifications.

FlexEJ also supply engineered manufactured metal hose assemblies to the same high standards as our engineered metal expansion joints.

FlexEJ also specialises in the design and fabrication of pressure vessels typically with demanding technical requirements, complex documentation and certification. These can be for more unusual applications where we work with the customer to achieve an effective design and cost solution often leading to a long-term partnership. Typically vessels are up to 3m diameter and 15t weight in carbon steels, stainless steels and duplex.

Our quality and manufacturing systems are fully aligned with industry requirements for NDE, pressure test, traceability and manufacturing records.